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Create customer experience simulations or product demos or just few fun experiments for your brand advertising. It will help you in creating a buzz around your brand, getting your customers excited, and letting them try a product in a somewhat gamified way.

Automotive Industry

For years the automotive industry has been implementing virtual test drives. this makes sense. Since purchasing a car is a serious decision, allowing clients to select among all models, not just those displayed in one dealership, but from a digital bank of virtual car models, is beneficial to both buyers and businesses.

From design review to digital showroom, We use Unreal Engine which delivers the highest-fidelity real-time visualizations and immersive experiences. You’ll always be in the driver’s seat with an open road ahead.

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Real Estate Industry

Our VR Virtual Tour of buildings, restaurants, home designs will empower you to tell the whole story of the real estate architectural design project.

We create a virtual fly through of your architectural model and showcase details for your marketing visuals.

We’ll take your CAD or PDF drawings and turn them into photo realistic 3D Virtual Renderings that will give the visual you need to pre-sell your real estate before construction is complete.

Experience your custom 3D virtual environment differently. The Virtual Reality Experience puts the user in the driver’s seat.

This is the new way for pre selling or leasing new construction real estate.

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Training and Education

Virtual Reality is an exciting new concept for teachers and students , and VR content for classrooms provides an exciting, engaging, yet simple to use interface to allow students and teachers to quickly and easily access educational content and applications with minimal fuss and no distractions, keeping them focused on the task at hand.

There are a lot of advantages in using virtual reality to teach in the classroom over traditional teaching methods:

Solutions to problems can be visualized more clearly. Information can be shared visually and in a more appealing way. Students get to learn in an outside environment without actually leaving the classroom These advantages make it easier for teachers as well because don’t have to develop their own virtual reality apps.

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Healthcare Industry

VR can help hospitals to teach their doctors fast Virtual reality could elevate the teaching and learning experience in medicine to a whole new level. Today, only a few students can peek over the shoulder of the surgeon during an operation and it is challenging to learn the tricks of the trade via this method. With a virtual reality camera, surgeons can stream operations globally and allow medical students to actually be there in the OR using their VR

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Tourism Industry

Travel is one of the most intriguing and alluring virtual reality use cases. Finally, virtual reality can offer the opportunity to provide prospective customers with a virtual travel experience. This means that users will be able to sample some of the main attractions that are likely to draw them to a location in the first place.

For instance, a hotel in New Delhi or in Agra may be able to provide a virtual experience of what it is like at the top of the Taj Mahal or India Gate, while a hotel near a theme park may be able to provide a virtual roller-coaster experience. We can help you create virtual experiences for your customers which can in return help you sell rooms, flights and travel products based on the experiences they can enable.

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